Monday, 2 January 2017


I have to admit, our last full day in New York was a bit of a flop, there was ridiculously heavy rain all day long... but as it was our last proper day we had to venture out. We had planned to go back to spend most of the day in Central Park and the rest at the Columbus Circle Holiday Market.

We ventured out and did some shop hopping on the way up to Central Park, calling off at the NBA store, Barneys and Tiffany and Co, but when we actually got to The Central Park Zoo, there was literally only 4 other people there! However having the Zoo to yourself isn't a bad thing, and despite the rain, the animals were really active! The penguins in particular and the grizzly bears were absolutely amazing to see. However, I booked tickets thinking it would be like Madagascar, but sorry to burst your bubble people, but the zoo is actually tiny!...and apart from the penguins, you will not find lions, zebras or hippos...

We then had a walk along to the Columbus Circle Holiday market, which I had been looking forward to the whole holiday, however I must admit, there isn't actually that many stalls who are selling Christmassy things! We then headed back to Times Square for a Shake Shack lunch and visited Sephora and the Disney Store before heading back to the hotel to dry off and eat pizza. Safe to say, we didn't venture out again that night!

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