Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Summer Trend #1| Tropicals

So, I am super busy at the moment with exam revision and I am really having trouble with finding the time to put blog posts together as I have an exam this week and two next week, but hopefully after that I will be able to get back into blogging! Anyway, seen as I am not blogging much I thought I would do a few posts this week on the main summer trends, I don't know about you but I just love seeing the up and coming trends which are making their way onto the high street, and so in this post I have firstly covered tropical!  

1. Tropicals
Think tropical prints and bold colours, this trend will certainly get you into the summer holiday mood as all of the inspiration for these items comes from warmer countries, perfect for going on holiday and chilling by the poolside or strolling along the beach! I particularly love the palm tree leaf crop top and slip on dress, I will most certainly be making some new additions to my wardrobe!
1. Bralet bodcon island life print dress- £42
2. Tropical print bandeau- £14
3. Leaf print cutaway crop top- £24
4. Tropical V bralet- £20
5. Sierra Revo cateye sunglasses- £16
6. Jungle print silk slip dress by Boutique- £65
7. Rainbow straw clutch- £25
8. Tropical palm print boilersuit- £65
9. FERNANDO chunky sandals- £50
(All Topshop)
*All images from www.topshop.com


  1. Loveeee all of these things! Especially that leaf print crop, beaaaautiful.


  2. Great posts babe and good choices I want them all :) Regina xx

  3. leave print top is my fav one. So cute



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