Thursday, 22 May 2014

Summer Trend #5| White

I must admit that I am a sucker for white. Honestly, the majority of my wardrobe is full of simple white items which I just love to use to accompany other pieces, this colour is just so versatile you definitely need to bag a few of these staple items! It is so easy to wear white and it is even better for summer as this trend is all about cool white cotton and embellishments. Don't consider white to be "plain", consider it to be versatile and an investment because you can literally team it with anything in your wardrobe! I really love the embellished shorts below, as I think they would be a great piece for dressing up or down, and also the earrings below show how you can instantly dress up white with just a little sparkle! What do you think of these trend? Leave me a comment below! :)

1. Pretty lace trim crop top- £26
2. Textured cut out shirt- £32
3. Scallop trip shift dress- £55
4. Notch hem bandeau- £28
5. Diamond wrap skort- £40
6. Daisy organza tee- £20
7. Premium tropical shorts- £42
8. Premium white teardrop earrings- £20
9. ALLSORTS Chelsea canvas boots- £45
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  1. Great picks.
    Loved the post. :) x

  2. I wish that I could have summer right now to wear all of those gorgeous clothes from ur summer trend post

  3. I'm a sucker for White too
    Love the dress and those earrings are stunning
    Rachel XX

  4. Aw this is lovely! Do you think pale skin girls can wear white? I think it washes me out?

  5. Love the total white look right now

  6. Awesome picks :) White is such a staple colour for summer :)x

    The Belle Narrative

  7. Oh, I'm so in love with white on white look! Amazing trend :))

    Kali from

  8. lovely post :) I really enjoy reading your blog! haha keep in touch x Peach


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