Friday, 16 May 2014

Summer Trend #3| Folk

I actually cannot explain how excited I was to see this trend in Topshop the other day, I literally love everything to do with folklore style,  and all of this boho fashion just looks amazing. Beading, embroidery and comfy floaty materials are all part of this trend. In particular I love the skirts I have found below, perfect if you don't fancy going completely boho chic as you could easily style these skirts with something more plain or dress it up even more depending on how you want to carry off this look!
1. Embroidered A-line skirt- £36
2. Fluro folk pelmet skirt- £34
3. Aztec beaded earrings- £7.50
4. Folk print stud crop top- £40
5. Monochrome pelmet skirt- £34
6. MOTO embroidered denim hot pants- £34
7. Tile print clutch- £22
8. Petite mix tiled peplum top- £14
9. Tile print pom pom tunic- £28
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  1. The feeling is mutual. I would describe my style as boho chic too so super excited to see this trend hitting all the stores! x

    1. I was so so excited! Defo my favourite trend x

  2. oh my god, so perfect and stunning
    there's nothing I wouldnt wear

  3. These are all soo cute!!

    1. IKR! Thanks for commenting Nicole :) x


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