Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Summer Trend #2| Florals

Day number 2! This is a trend which has not only carried through from spring to summer 2014, but it is a popular summer trend every year! I just love this trend because you can play around with it to suit yourself, whether you would like to wear floral prints, a flower garland or even just an item of jewellery, you can definitely find something to suit you. In particular I love all of the pastel flower colours which are all over the high street, however one trend which I failed to try last summer was flower garlands, as I think some of them just got a little too big, so I have found this little one below that I think I might just buy!

1. Pastel flower hair band- £14.50
2. Buenos Aires Leather Sandals by CJG- £130
3. Blue daisy stud earrings- £5
4. Petite Moto floral denim bralet- £22
5. Crop overlay wheel lace dress- £48
6. Pretty lace vest- £16
7. Navy floral silk skirt by Boutique- £60
8. Premium flower drop earrings- £28
9. Texture gathered knee midi skirt- £45

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  1. Florals is one trend that i can never get sick of during spring/summertime. It can easily be incorporated into anything like your post illustrates. I personally love the baby pink lace dress!


  2. Those shoes are so pretty! I love them!

  3. I really liked the head band, the lace shirt and the lilac skirt, super cute and adorable

  4. Love pastels! xx

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  6. I absolutely love that dress and those shoes! So gorgeous! x

  7. Florals are my favorite! Love the hairband and those shoes!

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