Sunday, 8 June 2014

June Fashion Hitlist

Pastel accessories- These American apparel clutches come in a huge array of colours, in particular I love the pastel trend, and this clutch will see you through all occasions and seasons. American Apparel- £42

Chokers- The 90's trend is 100% back, scrunchies, PVC, fish net and chokers are so popular at the moment, in particular I am a fan of the tattoo choker and a charm choker, I have a baby elephant one. If you aren't a fan of this grungey trend, Topshop in particular have put a spin on more of a subtle choker necklace. Topshop- £5

Culottes- This trend is very hit or miss, for me, I will be staying well clear of it, but if you're into knee length shorts there are so many out there and they are perfect for the warmer months.... (hopefully)- Topshop- £36

Monochrome Florals- Florals are a major spring/summer trend every year, however the upcoming trend for autumn/winter is going to be monochrome florals, so get them while you can!- River Island- £30

Tropicals- This print is so diverse, from fruity pineapple prints, to palm tree leaves there are so many ways to work this trend, certainly something for everyone and so summery!- Topshop- £12

Scrunchies- I've already mentioned this one, but this is such a cute little trend, from bunny ears to over sized, florals to gingham, chiffon to velvet, make sure you have this number 1 hair accessory!- Topshop- £4

Boho- Boho is well and truly back! I couldn't be more excited that it is here I just love it! The materials, prints and colours are just so beautiful, these pelmet style skirts are so perfect for summer and with tights in autumn/winter!- Topshop- £34

Lace Bralets- These are so in demand at the moment they are selling out all over, especially lace but anything go's!- Topshop- £22

Jelly sandals- Admit it, you had a pair of these as a child and you loved them. These are such an amazing trend I just can't get enough of jelly shoes at the moment, they come in all colours, flats or heels, and even glitter, personally I have heeled clear glitter sandals but I really want some plain black ones to go with more outfits. What I must admit however is JUJU jellies are not the be all and end all, you can get them way cheaper in stores like Primark which are just as good quality! :)- Footasylum- £24.99

*All images from respective websites


  1. I love everything, except the sandals to be honest! I probably wear it when I was a child, but I just can't get use to it :$
    Great review dear.

    much love,


    1. Thanks for commenting Kelpa :) Yeah I know what you mean about the sandals they can be very hit or miss but I absolutely love them!


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