Monday, 2 June 2014

May Haul

Please don't judge me, honestly I am becoming a shop-a-holic! Basically since I got into using depop I have found that I can buy all of the bits and pieces which I love from the high street, and for the sake of it being worn once, maybe twice I can buy it for a fraction of the price! Having said that, I do still buy quite a few things from in store, this little lot below are my purchases from May, as you can see I am getting myself ready for summer and for holiday. Although I really don't think it is a good idea for me to add up the total amount of money I have spent but I have had some bargains I guess, not only from depop, but also I went to a student lock-in event in Leeds just before I finished uni, 20% off at Topshop is not to be sniffed at! What do you think guys? What have you all been buying lately? :)
 Peplum lace cami top- £22- Topshop
Petites tropical cami- £20- Miss Selfridge
Floral lace crop top- Topshop- bought for £4 on Depop
Lace tassle cami- Urban Outfitters- bought for £10 on Depop
Handmade paisley print bandana crop top (back view)- Bought for £12 from White Alaska on Depop
Moto blue Rosa hotpants- £28- Topshop
Tattoo Choker- £3- Depop
Elephant choker- £3.50- Depop
Statement necklace- £5- Depop
MOTO hyper blue wash JONI jeans- £36- Topshop
Black sheer netting two-piece- £20- Stylish


  1. I love your top crops, perfect for the summer

    1. Thanks! I think I'm fully prepared for summer now, hehe :) xxx

  2. Love the floral white crop top and the black lace tassle cami- both style huge on trend for this season! x

    1. Thank you! I am just so so pleased I managed to get them at a lower price! :)

  3. I LOVE all of the tops u bought!!! They are super cute!!

    1. Thank you Lauren, I seriously need to slow down my spending though, haha! :)


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