Wednesday, 4 June 2014

DIY Scrunchies!

Mini life update! Basically, since coming home from university I have been super bored and so as I am such a shopping fanatic, I have noticed scrunchies are so popular at the moment. Having bought a couple myself, I just decided to consider how I could perhaps make them myself, and it turns out it is actually quite easy! So, now I have started to make scrunchies in 10 different colours/patterns and I am currently selling them through Depop and Vinted apps and also Ebay. The scrunchies come in pink checked, red checked, gingham, 2 variations of pink floral, blue floral, black floral/forest print, cream, pink and lilac, and also in 2 sizes and can come as a bunny ear scrunchie.... aside from making a little bit of money, I actually enjoy being creative so why not!? Below are the scrunchies I sell, and can be found on Depop, my username is eleanordanksx... okay enough with the self promoting. :)
Right, so as I said scrunchies are so easy to make; here is my simple step-by-step guide!
1. Measure out some material which is 22 inches long x 5 inches wide
2. Fold one side over by a couple of centimetres (it makes stitching the two ends together easier)
3. Fold the whole piece of fabric lengthways and pin into place
4. Stitch along the whole length of fabric
5. Use a safety pin to turn the now tube shaped piece of fabric inside out
6. Slide a piece of elastic through, 7-11 inches long depending on how tight you would like it to be  and tie in a double knot.
7. Slide the rough edge inside the edge you folded over at the beginning and sew the two ends together
8. Et voila!
I hope these pictures might help to explain a bit more! What do you think? Leave me a comment below! :)


  1. This is so cool! Great post!

  2. you made so many cute Scrunchies

  3. What a cute idea!! You make it look so simple.


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