Monday, 30 June 2014

Men's Style: 7 Things Men Think Women Like

Since the beginning of time, men have struggled to understand women. But as the years roll by, it seems that men are still nothing short of mind boggled by women and their needs. It’s not that they don’t try though, bless them. We know they do try to keep us happy.

Here’s a list of top things men think that women like; whether we like them or not is, er-  ambiguous to say the least.

1) Skinny Jeans- Without sounding utterly offensive guys, skinny jeans make a lot of you look ridiculous. They subtract any ounce of masculinity you have, simply because they make you look small and weedy. The worst turn off about this though is that most of the skinny jeans men wear are actually women’s jeans. I mean, what on earth is the deal with that and since when did society accept or condone the act of men dressing in women’s clothes on an average, serious day? Also, aren’t they uncomfortable for er- obvious reasons? Don’t put yourselves through that, it’s not benefiting anyone, honestly!

2) Too much jewellery- Fellas, if you have heavy gold rings on every finger, chains around your neck and hoops or diamonds in your ears, I’m afraid we’re going to take one look at you and walk the other way. This look is strictly for mafia bosses and hip-hop legends and shouldn’t even be considered by the average, ordinary man. If you insist on wearing jewellery though, keep it tasteful, keep it subtle and stay away from the gaudy, ostentatious jewellery that will leave you resembling an ancient gangster.   

3) Too much designer- There’s nothing more cringe-worthy and repelling than the sight of someone wearing an overload of designer labels. Not only does it suggest overindulgence, but also arrogance. The fact you’ve invested in clothing just for its branded label and then subsequently worn it with other branded clothing, suggests a vanity to your character which is one of the least attractive qualities about a man- to put it plainly. Just think to yourself: are you wearing the logo or is the logo wearing you? And tone it down for pete’s sake! Has no one ever taught you the importance of subtlety?

4) Tight tops- Guys, if you actually think we like men if tight tops, you’re wrong. Even the guys that have abs and arms like an action man model; if you’re in a top tight enough that we can see all of your muscle groups, we’ve already made our minds up that you’re vain and arrogant and therefore, aren’t really interested. But guys with big, beer-belly sagging guts, if you even have the audacity to wear a tight top, what the hell are you thinking? You’re offending society by even thinking it’s suitable to step out like that!
5) Socks with sandals- Seriously now, this is a fashion faux pas if there ever was one! Sandals are designed to ventilate your feet and cool them down in warmer temperatures; so why would you put a pair of socks on to then defeat the whole object? If your feet are cold, put a pair of shoes on. If you have a dislike of your feet, just don’t wear sandals atall- simple really! Please don’t embarrass yourself by committing such a well renowned crime against fashion and one that scores top marks in things that churn women’s stomachs.

6) Gym clothes outside of the gym- If you’re the type of guy that shops for all of his clothing in sports shops, it’s definitely time to reconsider that if you’re hoping to earn the attractions of women any time soon. Although our fashion is becoming more and more casual, guys that wear tracksuits or other gym clothing on a ‘normal’ non-gym day, just can’t be taken seriously. Sports clothing is synonymous with the term and perception of ‘chav’ and ‘chav’ is synonymous with anti-social behaviour and the inability to function as a sensible, mature adult. Surely you see where I’m going with this? 

7) Baggy clothing- Look at it this way: would you like us if we wore baggy trousers and a baggy jumper? Of course not! You’d be annoyed that you couldn’t have a perv at our figures (probably). Well it’s exactly the same as far as we’re concerned. We want to have a glance at your physique! Plus, it’s not the Bronx or the hood in LA; T-shirts down to your knees over baggy jeans just look too pretentious and again, rather off-putting.
Which men's style decisions do you dislike the most? Leave me a comment below! :)



  1. Skinny jeans are the worst! And vests that have arm holes pretty much the length of the vest itself!

  2. I hate see guys with sock and sandals on.

  3. I agree I can't stand it when they wear socks with sandals, I feel sorry for their poor toes haha
    Rachel XX

  4. Haha such a true and hiloarious post!! I totally agree with number 7! Keep in touch :D
    Maria xox

  5. Dear, I found your blog randomly and I’d like to say it’s fabulous! I really like your amazing photos & style! Everything is perfect!

    will be happy if you'll find a minute to see my blog!

  6. hahahha love this post! shared it :3
    follow each other?? <3


  7. I love this! I have to particularly agree on the tight clothing front...


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