Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Arm Candy!

So this morning I had a rummage in my jewellery box to find some accessories to go with my outfit for a BBQ tonight. I will be wearing a coral coloured maxi dress and sandals for just a casual look, but to make it a little more dressy, I'm opting for accessories and dressy hair to complete my look :)

So my jewellery box is packed full of bits and bobs and unfortunately for me, it took me ages to rake through it all and decide what I actually still wanted to wear. My first 2 combinations consist of chunky wooden pieces and gold or silver bangles, personally I love these combinations because the bangles are all different sizes, colours and textures which means combining the bracelets is easy as they all work well together. The brown wood and simple gold or silver colours ensure these first few combinations are pretty diverse, allowing them to accessorize and complement most outfits.

The third combination simply consists of a multi coloured bangle, silver and gold bangles, I particularly like this combination as it injects a boost of colour into any outfit and works particularly well if your outfit is quite plain and simply one colour, my maxi dress is coral and so these accessories would complement my look well, although with this piece there is a danger of "over accessorizing" as if you were wearing too many colours, there could be a clash with this accessory.

My fourth combination is a bit more casual, consisting of a watch, pearl bracelet and a few silver and gold bangles. This look would probably complement a more casual daytime outfit. I love the watch as it is particularly girly with the pink face, and the diamantes which add a bit of sparkle to any outfit, similarly the bangles are particularly diverse as they literally are a complementary addition to any outfit, also the pearl bracelets ensures the look becomes simple, yet accessorizes a casual outfit.

My fifth look is a little different to the other combinations as it literally incorporates a little bit of everything, I do this a lot with my daytime outfits as it adds a little bit of a boost into a casual look and keeps your outfit looking fun and playful, also it is so simple to quickly add accessories as you just pick up any handful of bracelets and go!

The sixth look combines a few of my previous looks, as it includes a couple of bracelets, a few bangles, a large bangle and a wooden piece. This is one of my favourite looks as it adds a bit of sparkle to the look and a large injection of colour, again which would be complementary to a casual or evening outfit.

My final accessory is simply my favourite piece of jewellery, my Tiffany & Co. bracelet. It was bought for me as a birthday present and I absolutely love it! I don't wear it a lot however as I always fear loosing it as I have heard the catch can break quite easily due to the delicate nature of the bracelet. I think it is however perfect as a simple accessory, especially for evening outfits! :)


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