Thursday, 6 June 2013

Punky Allsorts

As the name suggests, the jewellery at is not your usual jewellery! They sell the quirkiest jewellery I have seen and I love it! Some of their designs include; M & M rings, Gummie Bear rings, Jelly Baby bracelets, Troll Doll earrings and Freddo necklaces, but they have soooo many more crazy designs too. Personally my favourites are the sweets bracelets, so I've included some of them below. If I'm honest I would say they are a little pricey with anything from £10-£20 ish for a bracelet, but because they are nothing like I've seen on the high street I would buy, :)
Liquorice Allsorts bracelet £16.95

Love Heart bracelet £12.95

M & M bracelet £19.95
Twister lolly bracelet £12

Dolly mix bracelet £15
Pearl Dolly Mix bracelet £16.95

Flump bracelet £16.95

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