Monday, 24 June 2013

MODEL Co: Product Review

So as you can tell from my recent post on Cosmopolitan magazine, I tend to buy magazines... for the free stuff. July's issue of Glamour offers the choice of 4 different covers featuring  either, Zooey Deschanel, Adele, Daniel Radcliffe or Myleene Klass, each of which comes with a different free beauty gift from "MODEL Co". The different gifts on offer include; mascara, two shades of lipgloss, eyeliner or lipliner, all ranging in worth from £15- £16 each, in total the gifts are worth £78, so with a special price issue of just £1, it is definitely worth buying the issue! Not only do you get the free gift, the magazine also offers 25% off other MODEL Co products with a unique code!

I went for the pink shade of lipgloss, purely because that's just my favourite shade of lip colour, the lipgloss is also slightly shimmery which is an added bonus. The texture of the product is also something to comment upon, many lipglosses can be either too thick and sticky or too watery, meaning the gloss doesn't stay on your lips long before you have to  re-apply. I think there is a good balance with this product, as although it is quite thick, it isn't too sticky and I have found that it stays on the lips for a few hours which I was pleased with. Overall I was quite happy with this product, however I'm not sure whether I would buy it again at  it's original price of £16, as I think it's pretty expensive. :)


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  2. Hiyya, just been on your blog, following you now! :)

  3. great review! I love Model Co.


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