Saturday, 29 June 2013

Daily Essensials...

1. -Batiste Dry Shampoo- There is not a day goes buy that I don't use my dry shampoo, it's perfect for when you haven't washed your hair and need to add a quick boost of life into your hair. Although there are many different versions of the product for different hair colours, different sizes and different scents, I use either the "Tropical" or "Blush" version, simply because I like the smell better.. at around £2.99 a bottle it is a good price to pay for a product which lasts 3-4 weeks depending on how much you use etc.

  -Schwarzkopf pro styling heat protection straightening spray- I am afraid that I am guilty of damaging my hair on a daily basis with my hair dryer/ straighteners, but what can I do when my hair is as frizzy and thick as mine? This why I at least minimize the effects of using heat appliances on my hair with a heat protection spray. I must admit, although there is a minimal amount of help these types of products can do to prevent damage, the product does smell nice and leaves hair feeling soft!

- St. Moriz fake tan mousse (medium)- I am well aware there are some amazing fake tan brands out there including St. Tropez and Fake Bake products, they carry a hefty price tag of anything around £20 per bottle, and if you use as much tan as me then you simply can't afford it. Which is why I use St. Moriz, the cheap version of St. Tropez,  honestly, I think it is a fantastic quick fix to pale skin, recommended use of a fake tan mit ensures an even tan, and although the smell can be bad when you have just applied, after a wash or two it lasts all week. It works instantly which means you don't have to keep re applying everyday to see results. Finally, it is only £2.99 a bottle, amazing.

2.  My daily make up regime includes;
- Nivea lip care pearl and shine- A combination of a lip moisturizer and a pink shimmer shine for    your lips, a handy size to keep in your bag to keep applying through out the day.

- Rimmel London Scandal eyes flex mascara- Only just started using this product, however because my eyelashes are pretty long as they are, I usually look for a mascara which aims to add volume to lashes rather than lengthen. The thick brush ensures that volume is accentuated, love it.

 - Rimmel London lasting finish foundation (201 classic beige)- I have used this for yearssss, it basically does exactly what it says, it claims to provide 25 hour foundation cover for your skin, I completely agree, it certainly fulfilled my expectations.

 - Rimmel London Stay matte pressed powder (02 pink blossom)- Again a product which has been one of my favourites for a long time, at times my skin can go shiny throughout the day, and the thin texture of this product ensures cover, and a matte appearance without going patchy.

- Rimmel London Match perfection blusher (Light)- My fave blusher was discontinued, booo. However, I think this one works well for me, combining 3 different shades of prink blusher, can't go wrong!

3.- Nailene ultra quick nail glue- If your a fake nail junkie like me you will understand how hard it is keeping your falsies under control as they can flick off at any time. Luckily I found this glue, I found this was the best glue I had used as it keeps my nails on for 3-5 days without falling off!

4.- Gold series IV GHD classic styler- At £125 yes, I admit these are hugely expensive. But worth it. I have had 3 pairs already as I have had some problems with them breaking, however they come with a 2 year guarantee, and if they cant fix them you get a new pair sent to you absolutely FREE of charge. These work so brilliantly day- by- day that I have literally formed an addiction.

5.- Lola by Marc Jacobs 50ml perfume- No joke, I got this perfume Christmas 2011 and it is still only half empty, the luxurious strong scent ensures you don't need to spritz much and unlike other perfumes out there, the scent doesn't fade throughout the day. I absolutely love the scent and the bottle design is just beautiful!

6.- MAC Viva Glam (V)- If I fancy it I will use my beloved MAC lipstick, personally I feel this shade adds more to just a daytime makeup look, as the shimmer adds something extra to your lip colour, I also think this lipstick emphasises my natural lip colour particularly well.


  1. Thats a nice perfume!!

    I'm following you now via Bloglovin - hope you like my blog too and you'll follow back <3

    XOXO Sandl

  2. I couldn't live without my dry shampoo either :) xx

  3. Love the look of the MAC lippie! I'm searching for one that looks quite natural at the moment :)


    1. well I was also looking for a natural lippie and came across this one, at first I thought it would be too red but then when I got it on it looked so natural! :) x


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