Friday, 21 June 2013

June Spending Spree!

So I saved up some money to buy some new clothes for summer, however, I feel crappy now because I am literally broke :( But with so many plans for summer I felt I literally had nothing to wear, I've gone for a mixture of smart and casual items from all over the high street, and I must say that NOW is the time to revamp your wardrobe...So many stores have mid season sales on right now, some of which include; Topshop (also offering free delivery) , Dorothy Perkins (which now offers a further 10% discount off sale items), Miss Selfridge (Offered 70% sale and now an added 20% off), French Connection (up to 60%), ASOS (up to 30% off and free delivery) and Motel (up to 50%, they are also offering £10 free credit if you sign up to their newsletter, but minimum spend does apply).. so it really is a great time to take advantage of these offers and get spending!

1. Strappy V-neck cami (mint)- £18- Topshop
So if you have read my blog before, you'll probably be aware of my obsession with cami tops, I just think they are perfect for summer due to the light chiffon material, and also they're fantastic for daytime wear or for dressing up on an evening. I chose the mint colour as it is such a bright colour without being too vibrant and thought it was such a summery piece!

2. Lace collar top- £16- Topshop
Personally I chose this top as I think collars are so cute right now, and again are lovely for casual day wear, you can never have too many tops and the colour is lovely. Some may think £16 is a little too much for just a plain top but with student discount I am not complaining, as this piece will be good to wear all year round and is set to stay in fashion over future seasons.

3. Black Rihanna floral print trousers- £45- River Island.
 Call it an "investment piece", yes I know £45 is way too much for a pair of trousers, but hey, I saw them, liked them, bought them without giving it a second thought, the Rihanna range is wayyy too expensive in my opinion. I must say this is literally one of the most expensive pair of trousers I've ever bought so I felt a little sad after spending so much money on one item! But after finding these "peg leg" turn up trousers all over the high street I knew I had to buy some, I had my eye on a pair of Topshop & ASOS trousers but they sold out.. just my luck. I love these though and they again are useful for day and night, I plan to wear them for BBQ'S, birthday meals etc so I can definitely justify the price tag.. I think.

4. Pink double layer tube skirt- £20- Topshop
What attracted me to buying one of these skirts was firstly because I was looking for an outfit for a BBQ next week and wanted to be dressy, yet casual and so I tried it on. As per usual they didn't have my size so I ordered instead, although the skirt material is not exactly flattering if you have lumps and bumps, "fat pants" can fix this and give a more slimmer appearance. I intend to wear this with another cami top I own and accessorize with lottttts of jewellery and dressy hair/makeup, but again, a summer must have which is very diverse. £20, not bad :)

5. Navy super soft high waist skinny jeans- £22.99- New Look
Finding a pair of jeans that fit you perfectly can be difficult, and yes I must admit... this isn't my first pair of these jeans, oops. But I like these especially as I don't have longgggg legs, the high waist style ensures the jeans elongate the legs and gives the illusion that you appear taller... especially if you wear with heels. Again a very durable piece at a good price.

6. Pink flower embellished sandals- £6- Primark
Every girls guilty pleasure...Primark. If I am honest, at times I cannot stand Primark due to the huge queues, lack of small sizes and messy clothing rails which are hardly attractive, I barely buy anything except underwear, shoes and the occasional top. However when I was shopping with a friend she insisted on browsing, which is where I found these sandals at a tiny price tag of just £6. I love these as the flower embellishment is so cute and they come in two different colours, being the girly girl I am I chose pink as per. BARGAIN.

As you may have noticed none of my items were in the sale and I merely benefited from free delivery... in my defence, I had my student discount card at the ready! :)


Thank you for all of your lovely comments, I will reply as soon as possible! ♥