Saturday, 22 June 2013

Victoria's Secret...

At first, when I used to think of Victoria's Secret I just used to associate it firstly with gorgeous models that every girl aspired to be, *sigh*, and secondly, expensive fancy underwear. Both of the above statements are arguably very true, however, I can say that recently my opinion of Victoria's Secret has changed. In recent times, the UK has seen Victoria's Secret stores arriving on the high street, one of which is hitting Leeds, where I will be at university this year! Therefore I thought I would check out the Victoria's Secret website to see what they actually had to offer, I was surprised. Not only do they sell lingerie, but they also sell beauty products, swim wear, shoes, sport wear, clothing, sleepwear and other items under the "PINK" brand. So until the Leeds store opens in Autumn, I will either have to wait or order, but for now I have found some of my favourite Victoria's Secret sleepwear items that caught my eye, I will certainly be investing in some new PJ's after seeing these!
1. Modal PJ set- $55- Victoria's Secret
2. Cami and Boyshort set- $32.50 NOW $19.50- Victoria's Secret
3. Eyelet cami pajama- $39.50 NOW $32.50- Victoria's Secret
4. Satin cami and short set- $48- Victoria's Secret
5. Cami and Boyshort set- $32.50 NOW $19.50- Victoria's Secret

For those who don't use the dollar currency, sorry, I couldn't bring myself to convert all the prices into pounds! :)

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