Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Tried & Tested: VO5 Heat defence shampoo & conditioner

So when the weather is hot, frizzy hair is the worst. How do you tame it? Probably over use your hair straighteners... which leads to drier and even frizzier hair! It's a vicious cycle. So as I experienced this myself as my hair is naturally dry and frizzy, I'm currently trying VO5 "heat defence" shampoo and conditioner, which as the bottles state, promises smooth hair that's full of moisture. However, many products offer this, but do they actually work? I've been using these products for 2 weeks now (attracted firstly by the half price offer), and although I cant see an immediate difference in  the quality of my hair, I can say the feel of my hair has improved and feels much softer and less dry than before. I will also add that when washing my hair with these products, you can almost feel the difference within minutes, it smells great too! Although it's too soon to tell if these products actually make a massive difference, I can already see the benefits...personally I would give them 6/10... :)

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