Wednesday, 3 December 2014

#Blogmas Day 1| Festive Nails

I am especially excited about this post as it is my first #Blogmas post! I have been wondering the past couple of days what all this #Blogmas is about, turns out it is simply blogging everyday until Christmas or through December if you like! Admittedly I am 2 days late getting up to speed with this but hey ho I still want to do it!
I am a huge fan of Christmas, like literally I am festive all year around and make sure everyone else is too! So anyway, my first post is going to be all about how to make your nails ready for the festive season! Admittedly I haven't found some crazy Christmas nail stickers, or drawn some fantastic patterns with nail art pens, but I've added a sprinkle of glitter to my everyday nails, and in my opinion that's festive!
I actually found these nail polishes from last Christmas the other day so decided to retry them out on top of my every day nail polish- No7 Stay Perfect nail colour in 'Me Me Me', the two glitter polishes are by Models Own, Fireworks collection 'sparkler' and mirror ball collection 'hot stuff'. I absolutely love the combination of different glitter types and colours, they perfectly complement each other and would also look fab on separately if combined with other colours! I love this combo as it is super girly, I am a sucker for sparkles!
I always find that Models Own have such a wide range of different collections and colours to choose from, and they are such fab quality at such a low price, just £4.99 each, I can't wait to get some more! :)
What's your fave polish brand? Do you use Models Own? Leave me a comment below! :)
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