Friday, 5 December 2014

#Blogmas Day 3| Gift's for men

1. Burgundy novelty Christmas scene crew, £30, Next| 2. Fifa 15 (£30-£50)| 3. Babyliss for men super stubble, £67.49, Boots| 4. MZURI Patent gradient bi-fold wallet, £95, Ted Baker| 5. 52 Things to do while you poo book, £7, Next| 6. Jimmy Choo MAN 50ml, £41.50, The Perfume Shop| 7. Grey winter fairisle boot socks, £6, Topman| 8. Gunmetal tone neon hand bracelet watch, £35, River Island| 9. urbeats earphones, £79.95, beats by dre| 10. Ted Baker mens tweed weekend bag, £15, Boots.
Okay, well I have been super careful not to expose any secrets to my boyfriend about what he can expect to receive from me this Christmas, so I have not included any of his presents in this post! I find this the most time consuming, tiring and challenging thing to do  once a year... find presents for my boyfriend, and the male species in general.
Guys always say that they are really easy to buy for, but seriously?! NO YOU ARE NOT. The typical presents for a guy include; watches, wallets, underwear, aftershave, toiletries and if you're lucky something sentimental or actually useful. But I am sick of buying the same presents year on year, it is a hopeless task trying to find a suitable gift on different websites "gift guide" sections, you can't stir for the mass amount of novelty crap which will be in the bin by boxing day, so what do you do?! Any guys reading this, YOU ARE LUCKY, us girls are so easy to by for... jewellery, clothing, perfume, makeup, shoes, personal gifts... the world is your oyster.
So, I have tried my hardest to try compile a list of possible gifts that you could buy for a man, personally I think the best place to start when deciding what to buy is to think about the person, what does he like and dislike, what would he really want? Do you have any private jokes which you could play to your advantage? If all else fails taking him shopping (for you) and keep an eye out for what he's looking at!
When shopping for my boyfriend I always try to include one personal gift, a novelty gift, an expensive present and then a few inexpensive items. By this point it will be my 5th Christmas with Kyle... that is a lot of presents I have had to think about! The most annoying thing is that he always loses my presents... he left his Ted Baker wallet on a  bus and he has lost countless earrings, so what's the point? Despite this, I am still putting a lot of effort this year and I am almost finished my Christmas shopping!... organised or what?
Anyway, I hope that this list gives you a little inspiration of what you could possibly buy the male in your life this Christmas. What are your Christmas gift ideas for men? Leave me a comment below! :)
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  1. This is a really good selection of things! Love that you have things for all price ranges xx

    Abi |

  2. nice selection
    check out my new post from @

  3. Great selection. I always have a difficult time trying to buy for guys.

    Vanessa - TooClothesForComfort


  4. They sure aren't easy to buy for. I just give my husband money and let him buy his own gift.

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