Monday, 8 December 2014

#Blogmas Day 6| Gingerbread house!

Okay so it might have a massive hole in the roof, the walls are stuck together by the skin of their teeth and I have been told it looks like a gingerbread man crime scene, but this was one of the most fun things I have done in ages!
My boyfriend came to visit this weekend so seen as we won't be seeing much of each other before Christmas, we decided to have a super festive weekend together instead! Honestly, making a gingerbread house is the most difficult and frustrating things to make in the world, but so completely worth it! I can see the idea behind it, you make the perfect mixture, cut out the gingerbread pieces to the exact millimetre, everything falls into place, and everything is decorated fabulously to make a culinary masterpiece... but in reality it isn't going to happen. Some of your pieces will be thicker than others, some will be burnt to a crisp, and you'll spend half an hour holding all the pieces together and hoping the masses of sticky icing will act as super glue.... just for it all to fall to bits time and time again.
However, it's what makes it so fun! If like me you had no idea where on earth to start making your own gingerbread mixture, then you can pick up a gingerbread house kit for just £5 in Sainsbury's, or quite cheaply in other supermarkets too, although I do recommend you buy a lot more sweets and icing to decorate!
Just a quick post today anyway, i'm off to munch my way through this gingerbread house... have you made one? I would love for you to send me a link to your picture or comment below! :)  
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  1. That looks awesome - will be doing one myself the weekend before Christmas! X


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