Friday, 11 December 2015


Okay I basically just wanted to write this post so that I could show off my Santa pics... I got so excited I just had to have a picture! I feel like a lot of 'Santas' look a bit crappy, but Selfridges definitely had a good one! Their Christmas section was amazinggg as well come to mention it!
Wednesday was spent on Oxford Street doing  a spot of Christmas shopping in our free time, I visited Selfridges, Topshop.... almost had a breakdown over how much stuff I wanted- but could not afford in there, Victoria Secret and Aldo.
Despite not buying a lot, I would definitely recommend Selfridges for personalised gifts and awesome Christmas decorations, Topshop for your Christmas party outfit, ALDO for some great party shoe offers, oh and Victoria Secret have their Victoria Secret fashion show items in stock now!!
What have you all been up too? Leave me a comment below!
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    1. Haha me too Stacey! I couldn't resist getting a picture, he was such a good Santa! x

  2. your too cute.

  3. lovely photo


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