Friday, 11 December 2015


Ok, so this week Monday to Thursday I have been away with work in London for our AW16 launch events, hence the lack of blogging. However, I thought I would share a series of posts with you about what me and my friend got up to in London in our free time in between dressing models, putting outfits together and managing the showroom.
To start with, we visited Broadway market, a shopping street located in the centre of Hackney, east London; home to shops, pubs, restaurants and cafes, if you're looking for a unique cultural experience, I suggest you visit!
We ate at The Dove Freehouse and Kitchen, a quirky London pub which prides itself on being home to over 100 Belgian beers, and although I stuck to wine, I must say the food was amazing! I managed to lay my hands on a pint of sweet potato fries... yep, served in an actual pint glass, and a traditional mac and cheese.
Although we visited on the evening for dinner, I would love to see the market in daytime and visit some of the restaurants, shops and cafes.
Have you ever been? Leave me a comment below!
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    1. It was soooo yummy, very unique and delicious :) x

  2. hope you find some time to relax.

    1. Thank you Amy, yes I had some lovely free time to explore London x


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