Monday, 7 December 2015


Anyone who reads my blog often will have seen how often I visit York. It is such a beautiful city and its probably one of my favourites to visit, as although it is a city there is so much culture to immerse yourself in.

This weekend I paid a visit to their Christmas market.... Despite the absolute gale force winds on Saturday, it was actually a beautiful winter day at the market. So many wooden stalls and marquees were home to not only festive gifts and food, but also local handmade trinkets and produce.

One of my favourites was the donut stall, selling cinnamon donuts... My fave. Homemade pork scratchings and German sausages were also some of the busier stalls...

The atmosphere was amazing there, and although quite busy, it was the perfect place to visit on a Saturday afternoon. Not only did I visit the market, but I also visit the shops to do a bit of Christmas shopping- unfortunately the shops were crazzzzyyy busy! 

We ended the day by taking a walk through the city gardens, again this is another absolute favourite of mine, it's such a beautiful park, situated right by the shops but also by the river. 

What have you all been up to recently? What Christmas markets would you recommend? Leave me a comment below!!!


  1. Christmas markets are so beautiful! There's quite a few worldwide that I want to visit but the one here in Bournemouth is quite nice. Oh and the one in Winchester is beautiful!

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    1. They definitely are, such lovely places to visit this time of year.

      Thank you for the recommendations Jenna, I must visit in the future! x


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