Sunday, 13 December 2015


Just a quick post to share with you some Christmassy nail ideas! I always keep my nails quite simple, as I am totally rubbish at nail art, however seen as its almost Christmas I thought it high time to splash on some glitter!

The two nail polishes I have opted for are from the Maybelline Color Show range, in the shades Burgundy Kiss, and Rose Chic. I thought these were the percent combo, also who doesn't love a burgundy berry colour and a rose gold glitter at this time of year?! 

I bought them both from ASDA who had them on offer for just £2.50 each- although don't hold me to it! 

I would love to give some nail art a go, so if you guys have any nail posts or ideas please share in the comments below!!


  1. you can never go wrong with glitter nails.

    1. Definitely not! Thank you for your comment Amy :) x


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