Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Chloe Jade Green| New Topshop shoe collection!

Inspired by American culture, Chloe Jade Green has just revealed her brand new shoe collection for Topshop! Although I really not have the money to buy gorgeous shoes like this, when I saw the collection had just been released I just couldn't resist having a look! The shoes are inspired and named after American culture such as Santa Monica, Vegas, Malibu, Miami, Rio and Santiago, and are the most perfect shoes for summer! From cork wedges to stripe stilettoes, these shoes are designed for so many different occasions, I am a particular fan of the pink leather and cork wedges, butterfly embellished sandals and the black and pink strappy heels, but honestly the whole collection is gorgeous, I also love that the soles of the shoes and a beautiful green colour, so unique! The only negative is that these shoes are priced between £95 and £150 which make them completely out of my price range, :(. I have included my favourites from the collection bellow,what do you think? Which is your favourite pair? :)
1. Miami wedges- £130
2. Buenos Aires leather sandals- £130
3. Santiago pointed court shoes- £115
4. Upper East pointed court shoes- £115
5. Malibu stripe sandals- £115
6. Rio leopard sandals- £115
7. Passadena flat sandals- £95
8. Santa Monica sandals- £115
9. Vegas sandals- £150

*All images from CJG for www.topshop.com


  1. I am so in love with the Malibu striped sandals, I've been looking at them all day but I must stay strong!! xx


    1. Treat yourself! I swear it is only a matter of time before I cave in! haha :) xx

  2. UGH, the 4th one. I need it! I really really need it!
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    1. They are so cute! I am such a fan of the whole range :D

  3. Replies
    1. I must admit that these are my favourite too, right up my street! I am such a girly girl haha, the price is outrageous though :(

  4. You have really good taste in shoes.... :D



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