Monday, 10 March 2014

FOTD| Daily Routine

This is my first face of the day post, and I must admit that I am pretty nervous about revealing pictures of myself without makeup for all to see, but I guess we can't look our best all the time! This is in fact the pictures from my day at London Fashion Week, but it only occurred to me now that seen as I did an outfit of the day post for that, I might as well try FOTD too. Anyway, this look tends to be my daily make up routine, as it is quick, simple and easy to achieve in 10-15 minutes, I must confess however that although I alternate the products I use from time to time, this has actually been my makeup routine for the past few years, ah well. So once I have exfoliated and cleansed my skin, I then begin applying my makeup, personally, I am not really into using primers and toners for day to day makeup and I am also not a fan of using several different brushes for application and really like to keep it simple, only using my finger tips, powder and face brush. I start by using two foundations and using mostly the 'classic beige 201' and mixing in a tiny bit of 'natural beige 400' to darken the colour a little, without being too orange! I really like the 25 hour foundation as although in my opinion it most certainly does not stay on that long, it does remain on for most of the day, is light on the skin and effectively disguises spots and blemishes. Then I set my foundation using '002 pink blossom' powder, I also use this throughout the day to avoid shiny skin, again the product is very light to wear. I then use scandaleyes lycra flex mascara, as my eyelashes are pretty long naturally, I prefer volume enhancing mascaras, the thickness of this brush means its perfect for me. After this I apply '050 live pink' blusher, although this is quite a vibrant shade of pink, I think by applying just a little of it works very well, use with caution though, nobody wants bright pink cheeks! To finish my look I finally apply either some lip balm (nivia/ eos/ Vaseline) or lipstick, at the moment I am particularly into MAC cremesheen crème cup, a lovely light pink colour. What products do you use daily? :)
Make-up used (all Rimmel London) :
- 201 classic beige- 25 hour lasting finish foundation- £4.99- Bodycare
- 400 natural beige- 25 hour lasting finish foundation- £4.99- Bodycare
- 002 pink blossom- stay matte powder- £3.99- Boots
- 050 live pink- blusher- £3.99- Boots
- Cremesheen crème cup lipstick- £15- MAC


  1. I used to love that foundation! That lippy is a lovely colour, heard and read so much about creme cup but I have never bought it!

    1. Honestly I have used it constantly for the past few years, a lot of my friends use it too! Yeah apparently it is one of the most popular lippies, I think it is fantastic for day and night it is very simple but the texture is beautiful :)

  2. Replies
    1. I love my new EOS lip balm, it works wonders!

  3. Lip color is so beautiful!

  4. You shouldn't be worried about showing your natural face, you look fine! I love the look the mascara gives your lashes :) x Hayley-Eszti

    1. Ah thank you Hayley your so kind! Yeah I think the mascara works very well for thickening my lashes, thanks so much for commenting :) x

  5. Cmmon,you are beautiful without makeup.I really love your blog.
    Hope you will stop by :)


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