Saturday, 8 March 2014

H & M release bargain wedding dress...

Well, seen as I am actually at a wedding today I thought it would be appropriate to share this post with you! Basically, H & M have just launched a 30's inspired bridal gown for a mere price tag of £59.99, now being someone who is absolutely addicted to Don't tell the bride, I know that this is one hell of a lot cheaper than your average wedding dress! To be perfectly honest, I actually love this dress! It is simple, yet the floral embellishment, fitted waist and pleated skirt  make this dress so perfect for a bride looking for something simplistic and inexpensive. However, I must admit that although I find this gorgeous, one day I will most certainly be looking for a big sparkling princess style wedding dress. This is not the first time that a high street store has released a bargain wedding dress, Topshop also did this in 2012, which have disappeared, I have high hopes for this dress however as Topshop tried to put a younger and more unique spin on the traditional wedding dress which may have made them a little less popular. After some online browsing I have also found some other high- street wedding dresses which are so beautiful, from stores such as Bhs, Debenhams and Next, for those who want an inexpensive alternative to dresses which cost up to, and over £1000! What do you think? :)
- 30's inspired wedding dress- £59.99- H & M
- Sofia long bridal dress- £150- Bhs
- Debut ivory pleated jersey maxi dress- £131.25- Debenhams
- Ivory lace dress- £70- Next
*All images from respective websites


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  2. Hope you are enjoying the wedding, I think high street doing wedding dresses is a really good idea, as not everyone can afford or justify spending so much on them

    x Hayley-Eszti

  3. I need to go to H&M and see what they have new in

  4. Those are really nice but not really something I would want to wear for my own wedding...
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  6. Frankly speaking, i don't think theses dresses are perfect for wedding dresses, they are prefer to be bridesmaid dresses.
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