Sunday, 12 January 2014

REVIEW: Models Own- Magenta Divine

As many of you will know, I am such a girly person, honestly anything pink and sparkly I love! Which is why this particular nail varnish caught my eye. I got the glittery pink 'magenta divine' models own nail varnish in a set which also included a, gold, silver and purple glitter nail polish, however there are other glittery colour shades in the models own glitter range. I love this varnish because although the glitter is not really thick and sequined, it works very well for adding a touch of sparkle to a colour base coat, and as I have done, it works well applied 2-3 times for a solid glitter effect. The whole range is priced at £5 a bottle, as are most models own nail varnishes which although there are many cheaper nail varnish brands out there such as Barry M, I think that these nail varnishes are totally worth it! These nail varnishes are available online at or in larger boots stores. What's your favourite nail varnish brand? :)
Magenta divine nail varnish- £5- Models Own


  1. Those are some pretty nails there hun!

    -Christina from CLK Fashions ♥

    P.S I am hosting a giveaway meow until January 19th = )


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