Thursday, 9 January 2014

Trend: Fluffy Jumpers

At the moment there are too many hit and miss trends on the high street, whether you love them or hate them they are everywhere! One of which is particularly popular at the moment is the "fluffy jumper" trend. Yes, everyone loves a cosy knitted jumper through the winter, but some of the "fluffy" jumpers I have spotted recently have been, well, over the top. I have managed to find a huge selection of these jumpers in Topshop, and have included my small pick of them below. I must admit, when I first saw this trend I literally hated it! However now I have been browsing for them and even tried a couple on, I must admit I absolutely love some of them (marked with a love heart). These jumpers also incorporate another upcoming trend, pastels. I am such a fan of pastel colours, baby blues and pinks are my fave! What do you think of this trend? Love or hate it? :)
1. Knitted fluffy crop jumper- £34
2. Knitted fluffy crop jumper- £34
3. Fluffy sweat- £29
4. Knitted fluffy crop jumper- £34
5. Knitted fluffy jumper- WAS £68 NOW £30
6. Knitted fluffy crew jumper- £38
7. Kitted fluffy jumper- £40
8. Knitted fluffy crop jumper- £34
9. Knitted sparkle fluffy jumper- £36

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  1. I'm obsessed with jumpers at the moment. I've found so super cosy fluffy jumpers - and I'm quite fussy when it comes to materials. I hate those ones that pretend to be all cosy but actually are quite harsh and itchy!
    Love your pastel choices :) I just started a student link-up and this post would be great for it! Oh Hey Kayspray! x

    1. I love jumpers sooo much, but im exactly the same, itchy jumpers are a big no no! Just checked out your link up its such an amazing idea, I will definitely be joining in! :) x


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