Saturday, 25 January 2014

Valentine's gift ideas for men!

Somewhere down the line men have changed. Whether it's for better or for worse is yet to be decided but it seems that the gruff voiced, trillby wearing gentlemen of days gone by have been replaced with a more femenine ideal; replacing the rich scent of cigar tainted breath for a bouquet of fake tan and sexist undertones for an extensive knowledge of soap opera, hair products and house music.

Despite what many may think, the modern male has grown ever more complicated, with the obvious physical femenine connotations aside it has become more apparent that mankind may be looking for more than a card and 10 minutes of nocturnal enjoyment for Valentine's Day. Yes, the day of love should be about both halves of the relationship, gone are the days of ladies being showered in soft toys and whisked away to Paris... it's time to give something back.

With the day of love just around the corner, it only leaves us a small amount of time to get fully in tune with our loved ones emotions but with them being such complicated creatures in this day in age, it may be too little too late. Fear not, I have devised a list of the best Valentine's gifts for the modern man, guaranteed to please beyond all expectations, especially when the current expectations are a card from Poundland...

Control their Facial Hair

You may spend 75% of the time shouting in your man's face so you may as well make it as attractive as possible with a grooming kit. Thanks to Movember, men have finally built the courage to grow facial hair. Whether it's a cheeky moustache or a full beard, many men have taken the joke too far so it's time they recieved a subtle hint or at least shaved the festering spaghetti hoops from there ever growing face forest.


They say every man needs a good watch but a good watch far exceeds the budget that the standard Valentine's gift allows, but there are other ways to liven up a man's attire that aren't a Rolex.

 Believe it or not, neck ties, pocket squares and genuinely good designer socks are sort after commodities in modern men's fashion, and like many things, they are the sort of items that are left for others to take the initiative and buy rather than purchase themselves.

Treat their Feet

You can judge the quality of a man by the quality of his shoes, so make sure your man isn't sporting a pair of battered Shoezone loafers from circa 97'.

The timeless look of Brogues is a great way to guarantee your other halves Crocs don't come out to play ever again, leaving him with a look that is eternally aceptable.

Entertain their Inner Child

As much as we may love sipping good wine, eating great food and looking deep into the eyes of our loved ones from one side of the dining table in a romantically lit resteraunt; the reality is that most men's minds will be wandering towards sports, other women or what's happening after dinner.

Thanks to Red Letter Days, you can treat a man to a unique experience that they will genuinely appreciate, such as skydiving, hot air ballooning or a track day, leaving their minds focussed purely on the task in hand and their deep set love for you after an amazing day out.

Whether you're subtlety trying to improve their appearance or treating them to a once in a life time experience, it's great to treat your man on Valentine's Day, and who knows you may benefit too!

You can find all of these gift ideas and more at ! :)


  1. I always go for socks or wallets! Those socks look cute :)

    1. Hehe yeah me too! My boyfriend got both for Christmas :') x

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