Monday, 20 January 2014

Jeans to flatter your figure!

Jeans are by far one of the most difficult item of clothing you can possibly buy, even though one pair of jeans can make you look absolutely amazing, another can make you look simply awful. What every girl out there must do, is to keep trying each different style of jeans, until you finally find the style which flatters your shape and size completely. Lets face it, none of us like to squeeze ourselves into a pair of jeans which do not flatter us, it just doesn't make you feel great if you don't look good too! Below is my guide to finding the right style of jeans to flatter your shape. Also, don't assume that one style of jeans fits all, you could find yourself fitting into a couple of these categories like me, although I am petite as I am 5"3 (desperately wishing I had long legs) and have a pear shape, so I tend to wear high waisted skinny jeans, so that my legs appear longer, and tend to shy away from boyfriend cut jeans and flares that shorten the legs and end up making the legs look bigger! Learn which style suits you and you can stick with it for ages as those jeans will always suit you! I hope this guide helps a little, what style do you tend to go for? :)


MiH Jeans skinny Marrakesh flared jean in Lorca- £88 ASOS
If your a pear shape, your bum and hips may be curvy, but pick a high waistband to draw a tiny waist. The flare style also slims your silhouette by distracting the eyes from your thighs and balances you out at the bottom.


Warehouse boot-cut jeans- £45- ASOS 
This is when you steer clear of flares, which can dwarf a smaller frame. Stick to a high rise waist which elongates the legs and the boot- cut style adds shape.


River Island black LANA skinny jean- £25- ASOS
If your an Apple shape, you tend to carry weight around the middle, yet have slim legs, this is where a high rise waist band will again be beneficial in disguising that tummy! A stretchy skinny jean material will draw attention to your slim legs!


MOTO supersoft boyfriend jeans- £42- Topshop
A boyfriend style jeans will be particularly flattering for those with a boyish frame. If you lack curves and are quite slim, you can pretty much carry off any style of jean, however, boyfriend jeans will add more shape, and the roll up bottom cuff will show off your slim ankles!

Long Legs

Only super low rise skinny jean- £19.50- ASOS
If you have long legs, you are truly blessed, although you may not have much of a waist as your tall and slim, pick a jean which is straight to showcase your legs. Step away from high rise jeans which lengthen the legs and shorten the torso, and opt for a mid to low rise jean which will balance you out. Shaded denim is also particularly good to experiment with as it will add shape to skinny legs!


  1. Nice post! I have such trouble finding jeans that I don't venture into wearing them much. I'm a petite pear shape which is a nightmare. Would you suggest just sticking to skinny high waisted, as the flairs would counteract the petite spec? :)

    1. Yeah me too! I hate the fact I can never find a good pair of jeans! Yes I would suggest sticking to high waisted skinny's they always fit me perfectly, I think although the pear spec is useful, it isn't very helpful when your petite, hope I have helped a bit! :)

  2. I'm a pear shape definitely. Almost all my jeans are flared already though. They do really look best on us big butted ladies! Great post!

    1. Hehe aww I think they look great on pear shapes, but being petite I can't really pull of flares! Thanks Kat :)


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