Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Valentine's Date Outifts!

Just a few days before the 14th we ladies realise that due to pre-date anxiety, we forgot to ask ourselves a very important question: What on Earth am I going to wear? So let us start a little earlier in our planning this year. Not only do we need to plan an outfit that flatters our shape and achieves a Goddess like presence (we hope), we need to know exactly where we are going so we can dress appropriately. But don't fret! Just borrow these hand-picked outfit ideas that will suit a variety of date nights!

Dinner Date

(see image 1.) The embellished peplum dress in red

The dinner date is probably the most popular 'date night' for Valentiners, so how we make sure we are dressed well for the occasion? Dinner dates involve consuming a lot of bloat inducing food and drink, so we need to find an outfit that will tone the much feared bloated look down.

This type of dress is absolutely perfect for a dinner date as the embellishment it in exactly the right place for someone who is sitting down all night. the encrusted gems are excellent for bringing the focus up to the collar bones and face. The peplum shape is also fantastic for showing off your waist, but hiding a bloated stomach.

Just a few drinks

(See image 2.) Velvet mini dress in black

You couldn't get a sexier dress than this velvet mini dress for a date! It's a little too sexy for a dinner date, but just right for bar hopping with your sweetheart. The velvet material has a very romantic appeal while the V-neck has cleavage will give you a lot of sex appeal. Teaming this look with a black leather jacket to keep the cold out is also a great way to work this look.


(see image 3.) Embellished Cocktail Dress in Wine

A cocktail dress is a super-flattering way to give your body shapely curves. the flowing material is excellent for dancing and the deep wine colour is perfect for romantic dates. Make sure to team this look with some sensible shoes for dancing though!

Amusement Park

(see image 4.) Shiny Leggings & A Floaty Crop top

Having fun is what the amusement park is all about, so dressing in fun and flirty clothing will go down a treat for this kind of date. The shiny pink leggings will keep the focus on your legs and the simple, romantic style crop top is guaranteed to make you the ultimate valentines date. It'll be cold outside, so team this look with a flashy sequin blazer.

All styles can be found at http://www.ikrush.com


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    1. Thanks Pat! And thanks for following me, I am heading over to your blog now :) x

  2. I think I would pick the shoes from the first one and the dress from the third one!

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  4. I'm in love with that first outfit. it's so cute and bold. I could defiantly see it being worn to a Valentines Day dinner date.


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