Saturday, 11 January 2014

TREND: PVC & PU- Fashion style or faux pas?

Another notable trend on the high street at the moment is PVC, PU and Pantent leather, "vinyl clothing". Although this type of clothing was mostly recognised as a trend in the 60's, 70's and even the 90's, yet again high street stores and designers are revamping the trend! Question is, real fashion or a faux pas? Personally I quite like PU clothing such as wet look leggings, and clothing that incorporates a slight hint of PU, for example panels of PU on skirts, tops and trousers. I also love the PVC trend, however, I realise it's not for everyone... PVC trousers may be nice but wearing plastic trousers cannot be comfy! Dresses and skirts are an alternative but when it comes for PVC tops and coats is this now a fashion mistake? Patent leather may be a different material than the plastic PVC, but does it really look any different? I have included some of my finds below which I quite like, but I would love to know what you all think of this trend, as many fashion bloggers are split in their opinions on this trend! Do you have any PVC/ PU clothing? Do you like the trend, or do you think it should have been left in the 90's? Leave me a comment below! :) 
1. Wet PU leggings- £18- Miss Selfridge
2. ASOS trousers in high gloss PVC- £21- ASOS
3. Lashes of London pleated skirt in PU- £29- ASOS
4. Snake Vinyl tube skirt- £15- Topshop
5. Black vinyl pelmet skirt- £15- Topshop
6. Black vinyl pencil skirt- £18- Topshop
7. ASOS High waist trousers with PVC panel- £18- ASOS
8. Bitching and junkfood patent PVC mini dress with fur trim- £87.50- ASOS
9. Patent A-Line skirt- mint- £110- Topshop
10. Club L skater skirt with PU contrast- £12- ASOS


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